How to fix bad audio


I recently recorded a fireworks show on my Pixel 2 XL using an external lapel mic and Cinema FV-5, the problem is that the audio is bad, every time the show gets loud either with speech, music, loud bangs from the fireworks going off etc the audio on the footage distorts. I’m really new to this but I guess the root cause is that the audio has gone beyond what the mic is designed for. Anyhow, I’m trying to fix the audio in Shotcut with no luck, what I’m trying to do is somehow reduce the audio output so that the levels on the peak meter don’t go high enough to hit the part where the sound distorts. Any ideas anyone?



To lower the volume of your audio, use the filter “Gain/Volume”.
You can also split sections and then reduce volume by that split.

If your audio is already bad, recorded distorted, not much fixing it.

Low pass or high pass can be used depending of how the bad part detach of good parts

If they are on differents frequencies or not…

Guys thanks for the replies, I will try both methods and see which produces the best results, next time I will know not to use a lapel mic to record something llike a music and fireworks show!


try external software like audacity and then export to shotcut project again

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