How to find audio position. how to block video

Need Help find better way.
I do record 3 video, use difference receiver and player same song. I want to compare three difference receiver’s sound
I do record three times for three receiver. after I done my record. I want to use shot cut to edit them. same song, first receiver play part of song then switch to another receiver to play and switch again.

my question:

  1. could I find same position automatic for audio?
  2. when I try play, only one receiver each time, it will have audio set to mute but how to do the video?


What do you mean by receiver ?

Receiver is audio equipment. like audio amplifier

the normal way to sync audio recorded by different device (ex. camera & sound recorder) is to make a clap to have some visual indicator to align the audo tracks.
But your case is different, you have 3 take of playing a song on different playback hardware, if it is exactly the same source audio your are playing, i would edit the audio source in Audacity and add a clap sample before the song and export it to a new .wav, i would use to play on the different playback hardware, then import the 3 recordings into 3 audio tracks in shotcut and align the clalp on the wave form and then when you can cut out the part you want to hear in your video.
hope it makes sense

A better option is to use audacity import the 3 recordings into 3 tracks in Audacity, align the audio an export it to 3 new .wav files and import the aligned waves into 3 audo tracks in shot cut and do your video editing there. (Audacity allows you to just drag in a video file and just get the audo part)

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Thank you very much for your help. I will try again.
Sansui G-7000 VS JVC JR-S600 VS Sony Str-V6 Test #1 - YouTube
That is what I want, it took me very long time to edit it. but still can heard not smooth when i switch difference device.

That is screen shot when i do edit. 3 minutes song. difficult to make same location and also audio not same.

3 devices playing the same song, will look very different because analog devices color the sound, so it is hard see it on the waveform, this is why you need the peek, that a clap gives you.
Where does the source audio come from ?

Thank you TimLau.
I use CD player and RCA cable to the receiver.
Just asking if there is a better way to do this. Because it’s hard to do and takes longer time

Make sure Snapping is turned off to help align things better.

You can also expand out the waveform and zoom to see each one better.

A better way is probably to continue what you’re doing, but at the start, start playing the CD, pause, start, pause, then start again. That way there are breaks in the audio to help with initial alignment. Or use the mute function a few times.

Here is a good sample to play.
I created this using LMMS.!Ah4Xu94yGGpacv4qdVh6EQU4x1Q

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