How to extend the audio clip?

I added 3 mins audio file in Shotcut and was trying to extend it more than 3 mins, but it didn’t work.
How to extend it?

No option to extend an audio file beyond its original length.

A few options, but probably not what you’re looking for.

  • Change the audio file’s speed in Properties. This will extend or shorten depending upon direction.
  • Place the same audio file on the Timeline next to the first one.
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If you don’t need to extend the audio clip too much, Hudson’s suggestion might work well if you also enabled Pitch Compensation in Properties

Slowing a 3 minute song to 0.9000X will add about 16 seconds to the length of the clip.
Slowing it to 0.8500X will add about 30 seconds


No, I don’t wanna make it slow down. I just copied and pasted.
But this tip will be helpful in the future.

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