How to export with higher quality

Hey guys, I downloaded some music video in 360p and put it in the Audio Timeline and then put a bunch of stuff in the video timeline. Those in the video timeline is 720p but when i export it follows the audio timeline which is 360p so my video ends up being 360p. How do i change to 720p without restarting?

Your video settings must have been set to automatic. The resolution and frame rate is applied based on the first video clip you import. It has been set to 360p

If you’re comfortable editing the MLT file you could always replace the 360p values with 720p values. Search and replace 640 with 1280 and 360 with 720. And change the frame rate to match the 720p video’s frame rate. The video settings are on the 3rd line of the mlt.

Or, you could open the project and set your video mode to match the 720p video resolution and frame rate. Then save as (in case something breaks) to a new project. Open the new project, it should be set to 720p, and export the video at 720p.

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