How to export an image sequence as an mp4 file. It should look like you see it in the preview

By the way, you cant reverse an Image sequence, you must export it as an mp4 to do this.
And I would love to see an filter that reverses the video/image sequence / everything <3

Thanks for the help, im using shotcut for very long ans I never had problems like that :wink: :heart:

Do not change Export > Advanced > Video > Frames/sec.
Instead, change main menu > Settings > Video Mode. Use Custom > Add in there if you need to.

It still doesnt work. :frowning:

Zip the images in your project - or better yet the mlt file and all associated images - and attach that file here so we can take a look.

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image_sequence_v4ledSZ.mlt (3.0 KB)

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Zip is authorised. Please try again because those images are part of your mlt project and will assist in identifying the issue (unless someone else like @Hudson555x can solve the problem before you manage to complete that task)!

Edit: I think he may have done just that so if their suggestion fixes it don’t worry (but you should still be able to do it regardless).

Is there a reason why you are leaving the frames per picture to 1?

Try changing Repeat 15 frames per image.


Hi @v4ledSZ - in your folder you are missing photo IMG_6857. Could that be what is confusing you? The photos must be incremental - ie in steps of 1.

It can handle gaps of up to 100 in the sequence file name. Part of the problem is poor communication. This is not a typical image sequence where a high frame rate animation or video is saved as a separate image per frame. It is more like a sequence of shots where each shot should be shown for some time. Hence, the Properties > Repeat mentioned above. The other issue is related to speed of preview giving the wrong impression. Preview is not able to able to decode and play these 6000x4000 JPEG photos in realtime one frame per 16.6 ms. So, it plays as fast it can but slowly giving the impression it will show each image a second or so, which is not what it will be like after export. Sorry but I cannot make the preview for this faster and realtime, and proxy does not support image sequence. The user needs to do more mental mapping of images to frames-per-second. Either use the Repeat option, do not make it an image sequence, or use the slideshow generator.


Indeed - mine! Apologies for giving the incorrect information… I hold my hands up to that.

I never knew that. @shotcut, is this a change in a recent SC version? I could have sworn that you had to have all photos with an increment of 1…

Anyway, I just tried this out and made a short screen capture of the process and it works, using 15 frames per image. Hope this is helpful to the OP.

Another way of achieving reverse order with image sequence would be to copy/paste the photos and rename them in reverse order, the last one as 01.png, the next-but-last as 02.png, etc, then run the image sequence process.

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I do wonder why you can’t use the upload button directly in the reply, but nonetheless, well done.

Thank you very much. I found out that if I change the frames in your case 15, the clip will get shorter but you can´t see it. So after ever frame changing I have to stretch the video out xD

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Hi @v4ledSZ , I didn’t quite understand your last post but I’m glad you are sorted and happy with the result. :slightly_smiling_face:

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