How to export a partial project?

Hi, is it possible to export only part of a project? Say, I have a project of 10 minutes, I want to render only 03:00 - 04:00 to see how did I do. Is it possible? (I know the software may still have to render the first 3 minutes, but still, it can save time.) Thank you in advance.

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hi @Rock_bottom

If you use Shotcut version 21.10.31 (or up) you can easily do it with markers

Place a marker where you want your export to start. Then put your mouse cursor on the right side of the marker and Ctrl + Drag to extend the marker to where you want the export to finish.
Go to the Export tab and in the From menu, choose your marker.

If you have an older version of Shotcut, I made this tutorial a while ago that explain an alternative method.:


That worked beautifully! Thank you!

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