How to export a editing video with a Filter Text?

Hi everybody,

I need to export a video which has a filter text, however after click at export in the export file only can see the name of the file.

Could someone tell me if I am doing something wrong?

Thanks in advanced.


I’m not sure what you’re asking. Why is seeing the name of the file a problem?
If you want to change the name, then type a new name in the export dialog.

MMM noup, the problem is when I add a text to my video, so I try to export and the result is a screen without the video.

OK, well you’ve not given us enough information about your workflow and steps to reproduce what you’re seeing in order for us to help. Without this, anything we offer will be a guess.

ok, I opened my video in order to edit, after that I added a text filter and wrote the sentence I wanted to show.

Finally I went to the export tab and click in the encode button. All the parameters were set by defect.

The final result was just a screen with the name of the file.



Works fine here.
Which format are you exporting to?

Into mp4 format


Following your scant workflow steps as you described, I have no problems here.
I recommend trying again following these steps.

Import video
Add to timeline
Click to select the video on the timeline
Open the filters list and choose the Text filter
Edit the text
Export/encode to mp4 using default values.
Play in VLC (or your favourite media player)