How to export 9:16 Video Correctly?

So, I made a video for TikTok using a 16:9 Footage. I Zoom in the Footage to Fit the Portrait cut. My settings Should be Correct. Before i started the project I made a preset first where the aspect ration is 9:16 with 720p, same with the export settings which follows the same Aspect ratio and resolution. But, When I Export the video, somehow the footage get stretch back again to 16:9 while maintaining the Portrait cut. I tried to wrap my head around it but found no clue of what happen. I’ve done this exact same thing before for Instagram which use 1:1 And no Problem. I hope Some of you here understand my problem and have a knowledge of what’s happening. If you need more Information about the Project Just let me know and i’ll try to provide the Information that you may need.

I believe I’ve found the hiccup. My Footage is still at 16:9. When I change the aspect ratio of the footage to 9:16, I Found the stretch 16:9 to 9:16 to be ugly. Therefore I may need a bit of assistance for a turn around. Any idea Helps!

Thank you.

You need to set the video mode to some vertical resolution, then the export settings to a vertical resolution.

The first is in Settings → Video Mode → Non Broadcast → Vertical HD 30fps (or 60)
Then work on your project to zoom it in properly.
At the end in the export panel try to click on “Default” it should match the Video mode and output correctly vertical.


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