How to equalize loudness of an audio file?

I have a stereo WAV audio, where parts of the audio are way too loud, while other parts have normal loudness.

Is there a way to process the audio so that the normal parts remain unchanged, and the loud parts get decreased in volume, so that the loudness becomes equal?

What you need is a compressor which is a filter in Shotcut but I never used it. I use a compressor plug-in (TDR Kotelnikov) in Audacity which is not exactly comparable.
I could try to explain it but I am not a professional and I think with so many tutorials out there, it is not really useful nor necessary. I honestly would just search for a video on how to use a compressor; that is what I have done.

Edit: I guess you liking my post means it gave you the clue what to search for? If that is the case, you could mark it as the solution. Or otherwise, you can ask further questions :slightly_smiling_face:.

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A compressor can raise some levels. A limiter might work better if it is not too harsh.

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Because I only use a compressor for my voice recordings, I did not look into limiters since they seem to be too harsh. So I completely forgot about them.
@ClearSky You definitely should check out the difference, it might suit your needs better.

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