How To Enhance Audio Track In Video


I’m new to Shotcut and would appreciate your insight in regards to enhancing a live concert video, which I shot myself. The file consists of a single video and a single audio track. The vocals are low in the mix. Is it possible to enhance the audio track to make the vocals more prominent?

Thanks in anticipation.

Simply put, no, not easily.
You can certainly increase or decrease the audio level, the tonal quality (to a point) and even use the compressor.
The problem you are going to have is that both the vocals and the instruments are on the same audio track.

You may want to try a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) like Protools or even Audacity where you may have better luck, depending on the plug-ins you have and patience.

Once you have “tweaked” the audio there, you can bring it back into Shotcut and replace the original audio.

Keep in mind though that even on dedicated audio software, it will be difficult as already mentioned, due to the fact that everything is on one audio track.

I have managed to make some minor improvement by using filters. I wanted to confirm with the community that there wasn’t any other way to make dramatic changes. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

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