How to encode .ts-cut to fit on discs?


I finally finished editing some Sat-Receiver-Records to one file. (it realy brought Shotcut to its limits combining 3 .ts-files with a length of 3:30h each :wink:

The Source-Files have following propperties:
720x576, framrate 25, audio: stereo, AC3. Length of the video will/shall be 6h18min54sec
(it’s the Apollo11-special broadcast from ARD, sent on BRalpha and (sadly, now I got two logos in the upper left corner) ARDalpha to collect all the parts of the broadcast)

Trying the different formats and outputs, I have files from 85GB to 9GB.
80GB are loss-less. Image and sound are the same as the source-files, but these have a sice of combined 16GB (and much of each others broadcast, too). But defenetly to big for anything. (dv, it changes the resoultion to 736x576, screen-resolution 720x576, audio: pcm S16LE, 48000hz).
Also, a .vob-File (Mpeg 1/2, 720x576, AC3-Audio 48000hz) with 13GB
Then i changed to mpeg4; one attempt with 80%compression leaves me with 13,4GB, and one with 60%, leading to a 5,9GB-file.

Sadly, the compressed files loose so much of image- and audio-quality. And the source itself isn’t so good - they are just repeating the old broadcasts, without image-advancements. So loosing quality realy hurts…

I’d like to burn it on discs; ideal as DVD-Video, or as Data-DVD with a video-file to play.
I recently bought a BluRay-Burner; so i’d have space available… (Though I don’t have an authoring-program for Linux yet)

As I want the video with reasonable image and sound-quality - could somebody pls. tell me the correct profile/settings/… to export these file within reasonable file-size and no (or only few) loss of image and sound? (either DVD-DL or BD 25GB (target-medium: m-discs)

Many thanks for your help

I’d like to burn it on discs; ideal as DVD-Video,


I am not saying there isn’t a case, but if you don’t need it then don’t make it a problem to solve.

DVD players were designed when cheep CPUs didn’t have much power, so the data on the disk couldn’t be transformed very much.

Even 10 years ago my $150 DVD player would browse a iso9660 disk of files, and play all sorts of video files that needed codecs and such to decompress them.

And even now, so many TVs have a place to plug in a usb stick of files, why bother with the disk?

I second that. Instead of DVDs or BDs which Linux has no reasonable capability to author, I have decided instead I will make an MP4 files of what would have been a disk chapter and put them on flash drives or post them on Google Drive or Drop Box. Very few people use DVD/BD players any more. I guess it’s already time to move on.


Hi Ken & Carl

Well, I am using DVD and BD.
AND, I like the “feeling” of inserting a disc, getting the menu (ok, probably I’ll have to do the authoring on windows, thankfully i got dualboot here), selecting what you want to see (even with a little animation and/or sound), and go from there (best case: I can select the “expert discussions” (all over the broadcast) and moonwalk directly from menu while also “play the broadcast in ‘live-mode’” is an option, too…

I have many iso9660-discs or “plain datadiscs full of videos”, but it’s not the same. Sadly enough, I didn’t had a player capable of playing mp4 (also xvid/divx)-video and audio synchronus since my first LG-DVD-player with “divx”-logo. So it’s also “Video-Disc to be sure it works”.

I also have a homeserver running, but playback via raspberry (and Kodi) isn’t the same. It’s working, but it’s not the same…

I like the experience. Call me oldfashioned, but that’s the way it is.

SOOOO, now that we’ve cleared why I’d prefer having the vid as DVD/BD-Video-Disc:

…can we please focus on my question about “what are the correct settings” as 80+Gigs for “lossless compared to the source-files” is realy way too big for a 6h-file…? :wink:

Just use a loss less or low compressed setting.

Then use Handbrake :
Go into the video tab, and under Quality select Target Size(MB) and enter the amount you want. It’s not perfectly accurate, so go just a little bit lower if you’re trying to fit it on a DVD. 7GB could be a few megabytes off.

NB : note that this feature was removed in HB 1.0.0 but was here in 0.9.5…

One last test :
I already tried this to convert files.

I see there are new options related to DVD creating. You can try to see if it’s included…

…aren’t Handbrake and Shotcut using the same ffmpeg?!

But I tried converting the .dv (84GB, good picture/audio) to mp4 via Handbrake. Either very big file, or very bad quality…

I just don’t get it that the 3 (not two as initially mentioned) .ts-files have (with all the overlapping scenes, each 3h) not more than 15GB, while the edited version goes through the roof and can only be pressed in small files when compressing the image-qualty “below tolerable levels”…?!