How to edit and process multiple clips

Hello. I’m new to the forum and Shotcut so I need your expertise! Is there a manual or resource to find out the detail of how to use the programme? I don’t want to ask dumb questions when I could RTFM!

Specifically, I think the filters for audio are great, but they only seem to apply to an individual clip. Should I join the clips together (in which case how do you do that?) or can the filters apply to the whole timeline?

Many thanks


If I am not mistaken, you can add the filter to the track its on and it will apply to all the audio on that track… Click the track so its highlighted, and add your filters just like you would a clip.

You’re right…you can add them…they don’t seem to be doing anything though…hmmm

The web site is the manual. There are tutorials, FAQ, how-to articles, tech notes, and blog posts. Shotcut is a changing, growing program, and even video tutorials become out-of-date.

Click a track header to apply filters to tracks. I just tested Gain, and it works for me.
Click the timeline cornerstone in the top, left to apply filters to the entire timeline.

By “timeline cornerstone” do you mean the “menu of additional actions”? If so, mine has no option for filters.


See ► Filter Preview doesn't work

Thanks Steve, I now see that if the filter panel is open “timeline” or “Track Vn” or a clip name appears at the top of the panel, depending on what is selected.