How to drag simultaneously more than one video

Hi folks, a question that may be have a simple answer.
Suppose I have to mix two videos, in which of them I would cut small initial part (in the first video I’d cut two secs, while in the second I’d cut five seconds). On the timeline I see them starting with different delay, because initially they start exactly at the same time, but after my “cut” operation, one starts with a delay with respect the other.
How can I drag them to 00:00 seconds, keep maintaining their difference in time (i.e. dragging together ,the first will start immediately, the secodn will start after three seconds)?

Split the first track at 2 seconds and delete the start section.
Split the secod track at 5 seconds and delete the start section.
Select the symbol that is a “star in a circle” (Ripple edits across all tracks).
Drag one clip to the beginning (0:00:00,0) and the clip on the other track will move the same amount and so will start 3 seconds after the first.
Then unset the (ripple edits across all tracks) symbol.

This of course assumes you only have 2 tracks.

If you have more tracks, you could select the two clips you are interested by Left-clicking on one and CTRL + left-clicking on the other, then moving one moves the other as well.


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