How to do slick Webpage View Slide Transform

I was just watching a video and saw something that I liked in it.

It’s where a webpage (or probably just a screenshot of a webpage) is scrolled and transformed with a digital post-processing effect. It’s not done with a camera as far as I can tell.

It’s a bit above my skill level in this field but I’m sure that there are people here than can do it.

Here’s a video showing the relevent section and what is required:

Here is the link to the full video → a WARNING to Canon - YouTube

An approximation:

  • Put a 0.2second or so red-color clip on the timeline
  • Put a Mask: Simple Shape (Ellipse) on the clip
  • Set Keyframes as shown below:



You might want to play around with increasing the size of the clip using the S+P+R filter.

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