How To Do a Voice Over

I might have got it.

But I can’t see how to save it once it’s got. Saving the project doesn’t seem to work. It opened again without the files I’d put in, the video file and the created audio.

What do i do? Export the video and the new audio will go with it?

pick e.g. MP4? the thing is showing .wav right now since the audio trick.

This might help you do your voice over.

Once the voice over file is saved it’s added to your recents list. Put the file in your project play list. Then save your project.

Thanks for that. :slight_smile:

actually I saw that this time the new files did get saved with the project - i got notified about ‘auto save’ files, did i want to recover them?

and when i did, there it was, the new audio file, so I didn’t have to do it again.

i must have been going too fast, too hasty… she’s a good thing, this shotcut, isn’t it?

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