How to do a two-pass x264 video encoding?

I would like to do a two-pass x264 encoding with the following settings:

Preset: slower
Bitrate: 7500 kbps
Deblock: -2:-2
Min and Max keyframe interval: 30 and 300, respectively.

How to do this in Shotcut?

In Export > Codec, change:

  • Rate control = Average Bitrate
  • Bitrate = 7500k
  • GOP = 300

In Export > Other:

  • change preset=faster to preset=slower
  • add the following lines:
  • If you need full control over x264 options, you can add a line with x264-params=
  • Other supports most FFmpeg options by converting -option value syntax to option=value. However, Shotcut is not a ffmpeg command line front-end; so it does not support everything especially things related to file/stream mappings, codec:copy, sync, libavfilter options, etc. Basically, things listed under AVOptions when you run ffmpeg -h full. See also MLT avformat consumer documentation.

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