How to do a Cinematic Spin Blur Transition on Shotcut the Easy Way

A relatively easy method of doing a transition for your cinematic videos. Let me know what you think!


Another great tutorial, @bentacular!! Your best yet I think!! :+1: :heart_eyes:
Uncanny also because I’ve been working on a blur transition tutorial myself for the past week! Mine’s about making a “Whip-pan” Motion-blur transition so it’s a bit different. I hope to have it finished and posted on YT in a few days…

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Thank you jonray! I’m just trying to be like you with my channel, trying to get as many subscribers as yours when my channel grows up!

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I actually have a whip-pan technique, but it entails implementing an outside program like Adobe Photoshop. I’d be interested to see how you execute it. I long for the day that a motion blur filter gets added to shotcut.

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I’m jealous of how you publish your tutorials. I’m still editing a little introduction with animations and every time I change something. I’ll never finish like this, hahaha.:sweat_smile:

Good job. Clear and well explained.:+1:

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LOL. Thanks! Let me know if you need help. I subbed your channel =)

I don’t have any technical problems, it’s just that when I check I always find something I can do better and I get stuck in an endless loop. Thank you for offering your help.
This is not a tutorial but an introduction to Shotcut in Spanish, showing some of its many virtues.
In my channel, the more complex videos are hidden. I only have visible the videos with songs playing on Rocksmith. It’s not a usual channel, because my idea was to share with my friends and family my improvement (after my broken right shoulder) playing electric bass.
Additionally, I started using Shotcut in Linux Ubuntu Studio and I’m immersed in too many things at once. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, @bentacular, but no need to worry about your channel - with quality tutorials like yours you’ll hit 1,000 subs in no time!

I hit upon a technique a week or so ago and it seems to work well so I thought I’d make a tutorial explaining it. Then I thought of another method which involves SC and GIMP. It’s taking a lot of work and time to create the tutorial but I’m determined to finish it… watch this space … :sunglasses:

That’s a problem I’m having with this tutorial!!!

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Do a multi-parter so you can get the first part out

Thanks for your support!

I finally decided to change my workflow (which was frankly wrong).
Now, first I create a script. Then I record my voice using Teleprompter (I’m trying to do the whole project in Linux Ubuntu Studio).
Then I adapt the length of the different animations and slides to the audio.
So…yes, I started from scratch and most of the video editing I will not take advantage of it. I don’t know when I will finish this video.
Today I spent an hour for a recording with two minutes of voice. :scream:


Hi Guys, thanks for the inspiration. Ya’ll are setting the bar high. Bentacular, subscribed and look forward to learning more.

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Thank you! I appreciate it!

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