How to disable de-interlacing?

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If I am editing PC gameplay videos in Shotcut, they are already progressive and do not need to be deinterlaced. However, I do not see any option in the Export settings in Shotcut where deinterlacing can be disabled. There are only 4 options and they are:

One field (fast), Linear blend (fast), YADIF - temporal only (good), YADIF - temporal + spatial (best)

Why is there no option to have no deinterlacing if the video is already progressive? Or is there such an option and I am missing it somehow?

If the source clip is progressive, then no deinterlacing is performed automatically. The options you are looking at are the method that will be used if there is deinterlacing required based on Settings > Video Mode or Settings > Progressive or Export > Video > Scan Mode. In Properties, you can see if a clip is detected as Progressive or not and override that detection.

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So if I wanted to deinterlace a video that is detected as Progressive in Properties, then I would then have to change the Scan Mode to “Interlace” in Properties so that the Deinterlacer that is chosen in Export can take effect? If the video is detected as Progressive in Properties then the Deinterlacer in Export will not take affect?

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