How to detach audios from all imported videos on timeline?

How can I detach audio from all imported videos that I have moved onto the timeline instead of doing it one video at the time?

see the video to see what I mean.

thanks in advanced.

You can only detach audio from one clip at a time.

But is you just want to skip the audio and add something else, then just mute the track by clicking the little speaker on the track and it will not play or be rendered.
You can then add your own audio to a separate audio track

so if i mute the track, the exported file will be silent?


You can also disable audio when you do the export. This will get rid of ALL audio though. See below:


That right, but if he want to remove the original audio included in the video files and add some new music.
Mute the video track is the way to go and add a new audio track with new music

That’s correct, which is why I qualified it by stating

the OP also said

which to me indicates that he wants a silent video exported.

yes, I want silent videos exported because I need to remove copyrighted background music for my gym videos.

Thanks guys for the help

Hi dear. You can disable audio when you editing the video in Shotcut.

There is a lt of royalty-free and copyright-free music out there. You could always switch the background music off using Tim’s method and add your own audio track.

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