How to deselect transition

So how do i not auto-select a transition that i just created by dragging 2 clips together?

For example, I take 2 clips that i want a basic 50/50 fade and i drag 1 end over the other end to create it. Now, the transition is created, and the actual transition “block”, is selected.

This becomes a problem when you try to cut and remove something else where your “timeline arrow/bar” is hovering. It will cut where you want it to cut by pressing “s”, but when you hit “x” it removes the SELECTED “block” instead of the the one youre hovering over and working with.

Also, whats the timeline arrow thing called? the thing that shows your current time in the timeline


Hi @JakeSublime
You could click anywhere else to remove the selection on a transition.
But Ctrl+D is the big tool. It deselects everything

Clicking anywhere doesnt deselect, but ctrl=D worked. Super, thanks.

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Thankyou! couldnt find it on google, i tried i swear

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