How to deep-fry your videos

yes thats right, deep-fry. now you probobly dont know what deep-frying is when your talking about images and videos. I am making this post to draw attention to this funny filter. I only use it for memes, but im shure somone els would find it useful as well. all you do is simply turn the satration and sharpeness fillters on all the way. you will then get somthing like this

minus the red eye.

Seems like you forgot a filter, or to list the correct settings.
Not able to duplicate the technique.

Can you show your filter settings?
Also a before and after screenshot showing the actual difference is would be helpful.

Unable to reproduce.

I think this method works on specific videos, as it’s having a different scenario than ours.

It kind of works on an old low res video and 3 Sharpen filters with Amount: 100% and Size: 0%