How to cut a concert recording into pieces and export them?

I have recorded a concert with a Zoom Q8. So now I have a shotcut project with the video track (disabled audio) and the audio track that is optimized.

How can I cut the whole concert into the single pieces, add some chrome to them (title, etc.) and export them one by one (in a batch operation)? Since I’m new to video editing, I expect some trial and error and think it’s easier to do general changes (for example size change of crop) when all clips are in one project.

What is the best workflow for this?

You might want to check out jonray’s post My new tutorial on Youtube.
It’ll give you an idea how to do what you want to do.

This is what I would do to:
Open your concert video (open file).
Drag from viewer into playilst.
Press “Plus” - it appears on the timeline.

Do all effects (chroma keys etc) on the whole video.
Then to split into shorter clips:

Locate with the playhead where you want your first clip to end, press “o”. This trims the clip and removes the right hand part.
Go to “export”, “export file”, give it a filemane such as concert01.
While it is rendering (no need to wait),
Hit “undo”. This brings back the right-hand clip.
Press S to split the track at the playhead.
Go to the left-hand clip highlight it and press X (not delete, this will just lift it off the track).

The right hand track will now jump to the beginning.
Repeat as before, this time exporting the left hand clipas concert02.

Repeat as necessary for clip 03, clip04 etc.

Hope this helps!

Thanks sauron for the heads up for my tutorial, although I didn’t do too much splitting on the timeline, but thanks anyway!