How to crop/export without loss of quality


I have 4k and 50 frame videos taken with a gopro (3840 × 2160 H.265) and I’d like to export them as 1920 × 1080.

my goal it to crop part of the video without loss of quality

I did try:

  • set the video mode as 1080@25

  • zoom the picture at 200%

  • export

and the result quality is way worse that the initial one

What am I missing? is there a way to go from 4k videos to 1080 ones with a “simple” crop without loss of quality?

2 ideas:

  1. your export quality is low, if you use defaults click on advanced and change quality to 65% (don’t use 100%, it will create huge files)

  2. you can try to use the Crop: source filter instead of Size Position and rotate

Also 2 quick notes: you’ll never be able to crop without any loss of quality, best you can do is almost identical and cropping even 1080p from a 4k video will be less sharp than expected (unless you shoot raw/prores-like).

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