How to crop a video without the black border?


I’m making a video and want to add a triggered effect with the video image thumbnail shown above, the orange box with the triggered text is in a video that moves but I want to remove the green background and add it to another video I’m making in Sony Vegas.

When I crop and render the video just to the orange text box, it shows a big black border around it along with the orange text box when I import it to Sony Vegas, how do I get rid of the black border and just have the orange text box?

(Source of the video: Triggered Template

Probably best to start Shotcut in the correct video mode for the resolution you intend to export too.
Cropping the source doesn’t change the output video resolution (canvas).

At least that’s how cropping has always worked with Shotcut since I began using it a year or two ago.

When you use the Crop filter, it will auto-center the result, and the background (if you only have one track), which defaults as black, will show “around” the clip. If you want the cropped orange box at the bottom of the frame, add a Size and Position filter set to “vertical fit - Bottom.”

But the much easier way to do this would be to add a Chroma Key filter, which will just make the bright green disappear. And I’m guessing that you actually want to add this clip and Chroma Key the green out in Sony Vegas, or whatever program you’re going to be compositing in. (Search YouTube for “chroma key sony vegas” and see if you find instructions for exactly what you’re trying to do.)