How to Create YouTube Shorts

I’ve been testing out YouTube Shorts recently and made this guide on how to create a #Shorts video using Shotcut.

Hope you enjoy :smiley:


Great intro! Very easy to follow

Great tutorial. :+1:

I was not aware of that thing called YouTube Shorts.
Oh well… there goes my last hope of seeing a time where vertical videos will disappear from the internet.


Hmmm - i wasn’t aware of YT shorts as well and i still dont know what they are good for?
I simply dont understand the concept of having a horizontal landscape video format in vertical mode - thats simply a stupid idea in my opinion or i just dont get the clue. Watched it half way and it was all about the wrong mode for the wrong format? :roll_eyes:

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Completely agree, the entire idea of YT Shorts is to record from your phone in vertical mode, basically the same as TikTok. I was just demonstrating an option if you were trying to use a horizontal video (which came from a question I received a few weeks ago!).

I wonder why they promote this idea? Its simply stupid.

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Ya, What we could achieve on YouTube Shorts could get with 15 second video, Just some like and views. Nothing else.

I think those 15 seconds watching shorts the most annoying time :confounded:.

Ironically it doesn’t even do that very well! If a viewer watches YT Shorts from a mobile (in the intended way) it doesn’t count towards the watch time on your channel. Only if they view it from a PC as a standard video.

YouTube is trying to cannibalize on the Tiktok movement when they realized that people are getting tens of millions of views per day. It’s more short form (60 secs) and more geared to young people on their phones, making little dance videos. They’re testing it out right now, but have no idea how to integrate it into their main products. They saw a gap in the market when Tiktok was banned for a little bit and thought they could swoop in, and basically Instagram did the same thing.


Tiktok was downloaded by more that 200 million users in India before it was banned. YT Shorts was first trialled in India and most shorts were apparently re-uploads of Tiktok videos.

Yes, here in India many apps were banned. Peopled think in India the reason to ban those apps was people were getting addictive to them, but the actual reason to ban tiktok, Pubg,etc., is in the following statement.

Read the statement:
" The government had banned 59 Chinese apps in June last year referring to them as being “prejudicial” to India’s sovereignty, integrity and national security. "

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I just watched my first (and last) Tiktoc video. It had over 15K likes and it was appalling. Half of the video was obviously landscape with most of the action at the side chopped off so it was square! The other half was full portrait again badly edited. Human eyes are positioned horizontally across the face for a reason. If we were meant to see the world in Portrait they’d be positioned vertically!


I have a feeling the Flip Ultra camera is partially to blame for the “vertical video” trend.
It was very popular between 2006 to 2011 and was used by many youtubers. It’s popularity started to fade at the apparition of the first smartphones with HD capabilities.
Although it was shooting horizontal videos, it’s shape probably contributed at creating the habit of holding a camera vertically.