How to Create Your Own Animated GIF Memes on Shotcut in 4 Minutes

Want to comment on your friends’ posts with your own custom animated GIF memes? In Shotcut, it’s easy.


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On various platforms there are size restrictions to resolution to overall file size.

On discord, a 1:1 aspect ratio video will be down scaled to 300x300 (300px max height or 400px max width). Also on Discord, for the free accounts, you are limited to just 8mb per video file.

This is the issue I ran into with creating gifs for Discord, and so far I have not found a way around it, other than using ShareX to create GIF’s. I’m referring to the image quality.
On Discord, the GIF remains still until you mouse over it.

I used a custom video mode of 400x400 30fps in Shotcut.

I started with 1080x1080 30fps for a 3 second GIF is 48.7mb.
Changed to 400x400 30fps same length, 6.87mb.

This post is only specific to usage of Shotcut GIF export with Discord. I’m not sure of other platforms max file specifications.

The 400x400 GIF export from Shotcut
The 1080x1080 GIF export from Shotcut

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I found some time ago an online optimizer for animated GIFs that worked well for me (Ezgif)
When the problem is the file size is an option to consider.

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Thank you!

Awesome. Thanks for the tip

I’ll look that up. Thanks

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For even more reduction, the average GIF is only 12-15fps. The lo-fi meme GIFs are more like 8fps.

Wow. Nice one!
But i don`t thing You need to keep GIF in 30fps.
20 is enough, for my opinion

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