How to Create Voice Overs

Hi All,

Here is my latest video on creating voice overs in Shotcut. I have a massive fail on the lighting quality so please excuse the intro and cover photo! Apart from that, if you have any suggestions on ways to improve I’d love to hear your thoughts! :slight_smile:

@MusicalBox The video I mentioned last week!


Excellent! Very clear and super step by step instructions. More please! :+1:

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Haha ! :slight_smile: You know what? I like this intro better. At least you’re not half washed out by rays of light :slight_smile:

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thanks @jonray, that means a lot, your videos are so good! :slight_smile:

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I hate the shadows over my eyes - hence why in the thumbnail there is a text box straight over my forehead! I could take a completely separate image to make it better - but I’m taking this as a learning experience :smiley:

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I recently started seeing your tutorials Joe and they are really helpful for me :+1:, From me here is a subscribe for your channel.

Thanks @Ar_D ! I generally try to upload every Thursday on YouTube. Keep an eye out and let me know if you have any questions. Also, if you have any suggestions for me please let me know!