How to create video with tiny file size?

Hello! I am trying to create a video for a podcast with a small file size.

The videos contain the audio with soundwave (as filter) and a static image in the background. Length varies between 15 to 30 mins.

I exported using the YouTube settings and have played around with the settings, e.g. bit rate (found the tip in a forum post), but the file size is always above 100 MB. It doesn’t seem to change much.

Is it possible to get the file size down to a few MB somehow?

Try using Handbrake I usually export videos using the lossless H264 or HuffYUV which result in enormous files. Then use Handbrake to reduce the file size.

Don’t use “Constant Bitrate” with different values, because there is only a still picture without motion as I read.
Take “VBR” and try settings under 59 percent. I usually take this for still-pictures in a frame. Additionally set the Audio-Bitrate to 44100 and max. 192 kBit! :wink:

Since the background is a static image, you can also extend your GOP to something big like 150 to 250, and set the B-frames to 0. However, this could affect the scrub bar on some media players if they only jump to I-frames. So, if your project is 30 frames per second video, then a 150 GOP means I-frames are 150 / 30 = 5 seconds apart. A GOP of 250 means about 8 seconds apart. You may want to test if such big jumps while seeking on the scrub bar are acceptable to your audience and fit for your material.

Thanks for the tips guys! Will give it a shot :smile:

I’ve meanwhile also discovered the ‘post to YouTube’ function in auphonic - perhaps that will be the easiest solution and save a bunch of time!

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