How to create this text bubble here?


Does anyone know how to create a text bubble (I think that’s what it is…I don’t know what to call it). I would like some help.

Appears at 0:53 mark

Hi @anon78133251, That looks complex! I played it frame-by frame in PotPlayer and took a screenshot. Here it is slowed down:

To begin with, I’d create the graphic in GIMP or Inkscape and give it a transparent background, then import it into SC, apply a Size/Position filter, keyframe the vertical movement, add some distortion and a circular mask.

I don’t have time to try it out right now though - maybe it would be a little challenge for someone … :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Just did this in 5 minutes, nowhere near like it, but it’s a start. Didn’t need to make a PNG, just put the text into SC. Stretched the text with SP filter, added a Mask simple shape. Now I need to distort the text but I’ve run out of time …

I will apply distort in size & position and will keyframes work here to create movement?

That looks like a lens deformation to me, and you can create something similar using the Lens Correction filter. Quick-n-dirty example


Can I see how this is done? mlt file? I attempted this on my own and the words aren’t moving I used mask simple shape and text and then used lens correction. Something is missing…

I wish there was more tutorial videos for effects. I am a novice and not everything is simple for people still learning SC.

It is simply Text: Simple with keyframes to make the text scroll. There is a tutorial for key Then, Lens Correction filter. Play with the Lens Correction parameters to your liking.

text-bubble.mlt (2.6 KB)

Search YouTube

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I have watched tutorials on keyframes and mainly used filters. I can’t find any video that gives step by step instructions using lens correction.

I don’t think Lens Correction was meant to be used in this manner. I used several Lens Correction filters for this one. I just tweaked each one a bit. You just have to experiment to find the right settings for you.

text bubble.mlt (8.8 KB)


Like it!! :+1:

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looks like it took a bit of trial and error to get that right. :+1:

Next challenge - replicate the opening story line effect used for the opening sequence of the star wars movies? :wink:

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This has alredy been done with the “Coner-Pin” filter. See here:

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Another example, a bit different than probably what you’re looking for though.
Just another example of using other filters outside their intended purpose.

Text Bubble 2.mlt (9.3 KB)


Very crative! Thumbs up!

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:+1: :+1:

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