How to Create portrait format video from landscape video


I am struggeling like crazy with this simple task: I have a landscape video 720x576 16:9, showing me on stage, like picture 1 here:

As I am standing only at one position, I’d like to have a 9:16 portrait video from the original, the rest left and right can be dropped, like in 2nd picture.

Now I only like to export without the black border. Or did I choose the wrong approach?`

Thank you that you help me with that easy thing


At the very beginning of a project always set the videomode (custom) to your desired size, e.g. 576x720, 9:16.
Then use the filter ‘rotate and scale’ and scale up for the visibility. - Export it.

YEAAH!!! That made it immediately!!! Thank you very much!!! :kissing_heart:

You’re welcome! :smiley:

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