How to create Motion-Bur (Whip-pan) transitions - tutorial PART 2 (the JonRay method)

Hi folks, well it’s taken a hundred years more than I thought it would, but I’ve just completed my PART 2 tutorial - How to create Motion-Bur (Whip-pan) transitions.

This method is an alternative to @bentacular’s brilliant method and tutorial HERE and is presented as an additional option and method

I can’t believe I started this back in August!! I’ve worked on it mainly since then whenever I could grab some spare time, and in between a couple of other Shotcut projects thrown in as well. It’s taken hours and hours of work. I also decided that I would aslo compose and record (using Cubase music sequencing software) all the music, and to this end I’ve also re-worked my PART 1 tutorial by replacing the stock music I used, with my own.
I also can’t believe I spent all this time explaining how to produce a video effect which lasts for half a second!! Still, I enjoyed every minute of creating it, and it was all done with Shotcut so a big thanks to @shotcut for his great work and dedication.

Next time I do a tutorial I swear I’m going to cut down on the production effort a nd do something less complex!!

Here’s my new Part 2 tutorial:

and here’s my new re-worked Part 1 with my own newly-composed music:


Thank you very much for sharing it.
It’s great !!


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Anything great is worth waiting for! Great work and production value!

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Thank you @ANIE for your kind comments. I am glad you like it!
Obrigado @ANIE por seus comentários gentis. Estou feliz que você gostou!

Thank you so much Ben, coming from you that means a lot!

PS here is my timeline!

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Holy Jeebus!

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Brilliant tutorial - one of the best I’ve seen on here. Many thanks indeed


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Thank you!

Well Done Jonray & Ben, i have been a silent reader. Today i decided to create an account, and commend you guys for the great tutorials you are dishing out you are doing. I am going to try this effect on some text. Well done once again.


Appreciate the love!

That’s really nice, @odusis! I’m feeling the “lurve” too! :smiley:Thank you so much - glad to help in some way. Welcome to the forum by the way!

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