How to create dynamic text from Peak Meter data?


I would like to display the audio peak level values along the waveform visualization and add it to the video as a filter. I can add the Audio Level Visualization filter, but I would like to have the peak values displayed as well on each frame.

Is it possible to make the data shown by the Peak Meter (Audio Peak Meter when mouse is over the graph) or the Peak in the Audio Loudness panel (both in dBFS) available to the Text: Simple filter?

I have tried a lot of keywords to make the text filter extract audio data, but without much luck.
The documentation at MLT - Documentation says that “Keywords may also be any frame property”. However,, displays nothing, but for example: #audio_frequency#, #audio_channels# generate audio-related text on each frame. I am using version 22.12.21 o win 10.

Thanks for any suggestions!

There is no way to do this in the released versions. I looked into adding it as a feature and I can not find a good way to do it without making some major architectural changes. So I do not expect this feature to be added anytime soon.

Thanks for the reply anyway! I couldnt find any other video editors which would be able to do this, which seems a bit strange, since the data is obviously available in some way (e.g. for the Loudness Meter).

I ended up analyzing all clips (130+) with ffmpeg and used the max loudness values from each clip and added a single value to each clip using the text:simple filters. Not perfect, but works for the intended demonstration purposes.

Adding the text:simple filter was really tedious for this many clips, it would be great if selecting all clips and applying the filter once to all clips would be available - then the remaining task is to copy-paste all the corresponding values to the filters of the specific clips.

I know a few. It’s not an uncommon.feature.

Not via keyframes ? That would be the obvious method and the mechanism already exists.

Syncing Text to music is an important requirement in Video editing as text often needs to be synced up to music overlays and other triggers.

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