How to Create Clickable Text or Clickable Pic

Please forgive my ignorance as I’m a Newbie. My plan is to add four 10-second-each text filters to my video and each of the text filters is clickable to a webpage. Also just as happy to have a clickable picture that i create outside shotcut and import in and then make the picture clickable. But am not interested in intro or concluding video screens with click-through to subscribe or other videos. Want clickable text or pic briefly inside the video. Possible? Sorry if it’s obvious and i should know better. thank you SO much for the help.

I’m not that experienced in video editing, but I believe the answer would be a no.

In YouTube you can have “cards” thar come up with other videos that a user can click on. If you have enough subscribers you can have that be a link to click on. But that’s a feature of YouTube after you upload the video.

thank you Hudson555x. was hoping to avoid youtube. but thank you SO much for the info. appreciate your time and knowledge. have a good rest of your week.

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