How to create anaglyph 3D effect in shotcut?

I would like to create an anaglyph 3D effect (the effect can be seen by wearing red and cyan glasses) based on videos in shotcut, any idea of witch method/filters i should use to achieve this?

an image to illustrate what i want to do :
Sans titre
( i want to do this with video extracts)




Add a RGB Shift filter to your clip and play with the parameters until you get the effect you want.


thank you for your response but i already tried this and it won’t work because with it the green color is still appearing (and also other shades of colors for blue and red) and i only need cyan and magenta/red. Maybe there is a way to combine this effect with another to achieve suppression of green coloring?

the anaglyph 3d effect is only achievable by creating a shift of blue and red color separately.

You probably have to manually add the same video 2 times on 2 tracks one on top of each other, use the Size Position & Rotation filter on each track to move the video 10px to the left for one track, 10px to the right for the other, change the top track to be transparent (I think blend mode to screen or overlay might work, or you could add 50% opacity) then find out the best way to change one of the clips to a red and the other to cyan. I don’t know which filter would be best for this, maybe Color grading, maybe changing Hue would be enough, maybe even a white balance would be enough or maybe it needs a full LUT.


thank for your help but i tried everything but sadly i still can’t achieve the anaglyph 3d effect that i want
the closest result i got is this

but there is the filter “alpha channel see” that i don’t want but if i don’t put it there are no cyan/red shift around the character only on the center like this :

Creating an anaglyph 3D effect in Shotcut, a video editing software, involves combining two slightly offset images (one for each eye) using red and cyan channels. Here’s a basic guide to achieve this effect:

  1. Prepare Your Footage: Have two identical video tracks aligned on top of each other. One will represent the “left-eye” view, and the other the “right-eye” view.
  2. Apply Filters: For each track, apply the “Color Grading” filter to adjust the red and cyan channels.
  • For the top video track (right-eye view), adjust the filter to enhance the red channel and reduce the cyan channel.
  • For the bottom video track (left-eye view), adjust the filter to enhance the cyan channel and reduce the red channel.
  1. Align the Tracks: Slightly offset the tracks horizontally to mimic the difference in perspective seen by each eye.
  2. Preview and Fine-Tune: Preview the video in the Shotcut player or anaglyph glasses (red-cyan) to check the 3D effect. Adjust the filter settings or track alignment as needed.
  3. Export the Video: Once you’re satisfied with the effect, export the video to retain the anaglyph 3D effect.

Please note, while Shotcut offers filters and basic editing tools, achieving anaglyph 3D effects might be easier in specialized software. Additionally, ensure you have red-cyan 3D glasses to view the effect properly.

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