How to create a « video INSIDE text » effect

In another discussion, someone asked how to embed a video clip inside text, with another video as a background. To make the method easier to find, I duplicated my answer to put it here, in the Tutorial category.

We want to achieve something like this:

Here one method to do it:

Put to 2 video files in the Timeline.

The background video goes on track V1.
The video that will be INSIDE the text goes on track V2.

Next, you need to create a mask that will be used on the clip in track V2.

  • Create another track (V3)
  • Add a WHITE clip to that track. The length is not important.
  • Add a Text: Simple filter to the white clip.
  • Set text color to BLACK.
  • Write your own text and choose it’s Size and Position.
  • Go to File > Export > Frame…
  • Give a name to the file (for example: text-mask) and Save.
  • You don’t need the Text clip anymore, so hide track V3. I suggest you don’t delete it though. You might need it again in your project for another mask.

Now that you have a mask, select the video clip on V2 and:

  • Add a Mask: From File filter.
  • Go to the File drop-down menu and choose Custom.
  • In the windows that pops up, navigate to where you save the mask.
  • Select the mask file and click on the Open button.

All done!


In the final result, oblique and/or rounded lines in the text edges could be “saw-toothed”.

You can use the Softness setting in the Mask: From File filter to attenuate these teeth, but it won’t have a significant effect.

Changing Softness to 100%

To completely remove the jagged edges, add blur to your Text clip before you export it

  • Create your Text clip as explained above
  • Add a Blur: Gaussian filter
  • Set the Amount to 3%
  • Go to File > Export > Frame and save your mask file
  • In the Mask: From File filter, go to File > Custom and select the new blurred mask file.

Using the original unblurred mask, and Softness set and 100% (zoom at 300% in the Preview)

Using the blurred mask, and Softness set and 60%


Excellent ce tutoriel.
Impressionnant comment vous arrivez à trouver une solution à toutes les demandes :+1:

Excellent tutorial.
Impressive how you manage to find a solution to every request. :+1:

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Merci @Namna :slight_smile:

Darn it… I forgot to include something in the tutorial
I edited my original post to explain how to avoid jagged text edges in the final result

@Namna résume parfaitement ce que je pense également. Chapeau bas :clap::+1::clap::+1::muscle::muscle:

@Namna perfectly sums up what I’m thinking too. Hats off :clap::+1::clap::+1::muscle::muscle:

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Merci à vous aussi @SergeC :slight_smile: