How to create a LUT

how to create a LUT inside of Shotcut not using a external tool ?

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Shotcut doesn’t create LUTs. It only reads LUTs that are generated by other tools. To do color work inside Shotcut, use a combination of filters like Color Grading, Hue/Lightness/Saturation, etc to approximate the same look.

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maybe in future ?

I am not a Shotcut developer, so nothing I say influences the program direction. However, I can say that Shotcut’s current 8-bit pipeline is extremely limiting for LUT generation and would cause banding on any major color manipulations. LUTs are generally created in 16-bit processing space or higher for this reason. My understanding is that Shotcut has an active sub-project to make it go higher than 8-bit, but it would be a significant amount of time before the code is stabilized and released to the public. This groundwork would need to be in place before a serious LUT generator could even be considered.


You don’t really need to create a LUT per se to be able to reuse a "look. " For example, if you’re going for that Orange and Teal look, instead of relying on a LUT, you can use the Color Grading filter to achieve it. Once you got the look just right, save the settings as a preset within the filter. You can now reuse that “look” over and over again, and actually gain greater control in manipulating it.


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