How to create a keyframe in a clip

I have added this for the next release v19.06 however it only works on numeric parameters that have a curve control. Rectangle and color parameters, while containing numerics, do not qualify because they are tuples and a different type. This is a shortcoming because the parameters/mlt-properties are not strongly typed, and really the UI code that is in a filter’s ui.qml is what is expressing a type, but it is not able to tell the other parts of the code about that. This covers many of the keyframable parameters if not all. It is a classic software problem of like painting yourself into a corner.

Nice. Good addition! Looking forward to trying it.

Very very thanks for Continuous improvement of Shotcut every month. I love Shotcut Because it has better keyframing and some unique feature and of course great responsive forum.

Keyframe already has ctrl+ ‘+’ and ctrl+ ‘-’ to increase and decrease track height in keyframe.
Can you please add keyword shortcut +/- for zoom in and zoom out in keyframe panel similar to timeline.
Thank you.

Shotcut does not have the notion of a focused panel similar to Premiere, and I hesitate to add that because most users already struggle with the idea that Properties and Filters reflect the selection. Instead, I will add Alt +/- for changing the timeline zoom. Next, is the player zoom level. I can use the Meta key (Windows key on PC, Control on Mac). Shift does not work as a modifier because Shotcut accepts both ‘=’ and ‘+’ (Shift+=) for zoom-in both for convenience (=) and to prevent confusion (+).