How to copy in/out points of a clip back to 'source'?

I used to use an older version of Shotcut which allowed me to edit by selecting a clip in the timeline, then hitting ‘enter/return’ to copy those in/out points back to the media in the ‘source’ display, so that fresh in/out points around the clip could be considered… I don’t understand what has happened with the program in newer versions, since now, this basic function doesn’t seem available any more; I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what it might be called now (it used to be called ‘Open as Clip’ according to the old Keyboard Shortcuts info) without success. If anyone can explain how to do this in the new versions, I’d certainly appreciate it.

(if I understood this correctly): hitting copy (Ctrl+C) with the timeline clip selected will bring it to source with the used in/out points and you can edit it there (then ctrl+v back to timeline).

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You did understand correctly. Thanks for that, it does what I wanted… however, it used to be that a simple ‘enter’ would automatically flip back to the source view with the ‘copied’ in/out points; on my Mac, this now requires the second step of hitting ‘esc’ to switch to source (maybe on PC it’s integrated as you describe?); it’s too bad this is now a multi-step process requiring manual selection of source after copying. I’ll try to see if maybe they still have that buried in there somewhere, but anyway, just getting back to being able to edit at all is the main thing.

You can also use Ctrl-C (copy) and Shift-A (Add source to playlist) to get the select clip into the playlist.
Then you can play around with the clip.

You can set new in/out point on a clip in the timeline directly by using Shift-I/Shift-O

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