How to Copy Filter Settings from seperate videoclips to a whole video track

My newest tutorial video is up!
Tired of copy-pasting filter settings to each individual video clip? Have you added a bunch of filters to a specific clip and want to paste it to the rest of the clips on your timeline? Well, here’s an easier way of doing it.


A little detailed description here would generate more clicks.

Well explained!
I think many people already know your “hack” when you copy individual clip filters onto the entire video track.
Honestly, I was curious how you copy filters from one shotcut project to another shotcut project.


I would save the MLT file with the track and add the new videos on the MLT file

Thank you and I agree. These little nuances might mean little to some but a game changer to others

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Interesting. We should not forget that even the simplest things have their value. Thanks for the tutorial. :+1:

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Excelente y muy necesario!
Me ayudó mucho, amigo.

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