How to copy clips from one project to another?

Hi, I am just trying to copy some sequences of clips from one .mlt file into another.

I tried:

  • With two simultaneous instances of Shotcut running, copy in one and paste in the other
  • With a single instance, open the first file, copy some clips, then open the second file and paste

Neither approach works. I tried it in both Linux and Windows, using Shotcut 21.01.29.

Is this something possible to do at all?

(I am aware that you can import and entire mlt file into another, but that does not solve what I need to do. )


You could export the parts that you need using “Copy Timeline To Source” and picking one of the following in the export presets: DNxHR HQ or ProRes 422 in the intermediate category or H.264, HuffYUV or Ut Video in the lossless category. The file will come out very big in size depending on which preset you pick but it will ensure that when you bring it into your project the quality will be preserved.

Not currently possible. On the road map.


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