How to copy all commands

Hi everybody

I would like to learn how to copy all split at playheads, filters and speed settings from one work and past them exactly same on another work line.

If you need more details;
Here is my screenshot:

There is 4 splits in V1 and each of split has different zoom in-out and speed settings.
I want to copy all this settings and past completely to V2
Both of videos has same length and i have lots of video for i should make exactly same work on them.

Thanks for your help

One way to make the same splits in another track is to use Alt-Left/Right to step trough the splits and it if the new track is selected, you can split using the S key.

Filters must be copied from each clip, by using the filter copy and paste.

If you have change the speed og the clips, it will mess up every thing, an you are out of luck.

If your source footage is from one file, you can swap your source file on disk, to make the same video video a new source video file


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