How to combine video with new soundtrack

Hello helpfull persons

My problem is as follows:
I had a smartphone video with a soundtrack connected. As the sound was not good, I deleted the sound and put a new sound under the video. The problem now is that I cannot really work with the video because the sound often is not in the right place, like when I am sliding one scene into the next one. I am having a hard time putting it back in place.
How can I fixate the sound to the video for good so that it does not have its own life and stays in place for good?
Thanks for helping me.


Thank you, but this does not work. If I lock the sound and move the video, the sound stays in place and does not follow the video. So it still is not fixated and connected to the video.

Then you have two options.

  1. In a new project have just the video and audio exported together, then edit from that file.

  2. Edit from a MLT file with both the video and audio.

  • Start a new project, load in your video track, and audio track.
  • Save project.shotcut_2020-07-28_12-17-51
  • File - Open MLT XML As Clip
  • Edit from this clip.
    The audio and video are still 2 separate files on your computer.

There might be a better solution from the bigger brains in this forum.


Thank you for your help and the work you put into this.

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