How to clip a few seconds off start and end of video

I am a total newbie and this is (literally) my first attempt at a video. How do I cut (trim?) time from the start and end of my video? I have loaded the short 4K mp4 video into Shotcut and I see the timeline scissors but how to do the actual cutting operation. I have played about but not found the correct sequence of operations. An export of the video seemed to go ok, and it plays correctly.

If you’re just wanting to trim a video, you don’t need to use the timeline. Just use the source player.

Move the left/right arrows at the bottom to get a rough position, then do the following to get the exact position:

Set cursor in the timecode box, and scroll up/down or use any of the Keyboard Shortcuts for the Player. After getting the right spot, click outside the timecode box, and hit enter to set each point.

Left side is set with I to the playhead
Right side is set with O to the playhead

After you set your In and Out points - Export from Source.


Many thanks for this, very helpful. I now see how to do the clip of the video.

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