How to change video ratio from 16:9 to 9:16


I’m very new to this video editing and this new IGTV only takes vertical videos…
Is there a way to change video ratio from 16:9 to 9:16 without distorting the video?

thank you in advance

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You can crop the video. Or do a mask and add a video or static photo to where you would have black bars.

Create a custom Video Mode in Settings > Video Mode > Custom > Add… Then, as @Hudson555x suggested you can use the Crop or Size and Position filter to more fully fill the frame.

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thanks … helped me a lot !

And undo when exporting is done …

Hey! vertical hd 30 fps is 9:16?

Yes. It is 1080 wide and 1920 high.

FYI It can also be like 1920x1080 with embedded orientation metadata that tells a player how to rotate the video. Shotcut can only read and handle that as an input/source, it cannot export like that. If you did not understand that, that is OK, but this info might help someone else.