How to change the speed of several items at once

I’ve cut my clip several times, so now it’s no longer one piece and I would like to change the speed it plays. How can I group select mulltiple items, so that I don’t have to set the new speed for each of them?

You can’t do that yet.


I quite like this. I’m learning as well but the answer, I guess you know this, is to reimport -> change the speed of the clips -> (S) split the clips and edit them with the new speed.

Actually this seems true for many filters. Place the filter on the whole file clip make the edits afterwards as necessary. You can always remove a filter if it speeds up the process (for instance rather than adding 9 separate filters, do the whole clip and remove 1 filter from the one you don’t want the filter on).

The reason I like this is it adds structure to my editing process.

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There’s no way to select multiple pieces at once in Shotcut 'till now (v18.11.18). Sometimes I also need this… We hope the feature will be added. :slight_smile:

You can copy/paste filters, so no need to add them again separately. :wink:

As is often the answer to these questions, the other option is to export the entire video track in a high quality format then import the result and apply the speed property once. If it’s a long video or you’re on slow hardware, it’s likely quicker to just add the speed property manually for each section.


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