How to change the dimensions of my shotcut made videos?

I am trying to change the size of my videos but it keeps exporting the same size. Despite the fact that I have changed the resolution and the ration of my videos in the advanced settings of the exporting menu.
I need help please on how to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance

You change the Video Mode (Settings - Video Mode).
When you go back to export, click “Reset” as this sets to the Video Mode.

When changing the Video Mode, it may throw off various other settings in your project.

Make sure you don’t have a filter applied to the Output/Master.
A funnel symbol will appear if there is a filter on there.

Thank you,
you saved my life

The Size setting should give the same result as zoom.
Enter a number greater than the long edge of the source, then drag the centre handle to position your image

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