How to change image size/orientation

I’m new to video editing, and recently downloaded Shotcut for the first time (Windows 10). I have a video shot by someone else on a smartphone, in which the phone was at first held vertical, then rotated to horizontal partway through. I am attempting to rotate the second part of the clip so that you can watch the whole thing without tilting your head … and it seems like no matter what I do I cannot get an image that is wider than the original vertical shot.

I have attempted to use the size function in the Rotate filter, and also the Size and Position filter, and I have also tried exporting a version of the original 1080x1920 video in 1920x1920 format, using that as a new original, and then using the filters, but can’t seem to break the boundary of the original image width.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Yeah. So. I had to deal with my first Portrait video recently. Grumble.

Short answer: you’ll need to choose “Video Mode->Custom->Add…” in the Settings menu and set it to 1920x1920.

Longer explanation – consider these three things:

  1. Video Mode, found in the Settings menu, includes Resolution, Aspect ratio, & Framerate; this is the canvas you edit in.
  2. The resolution & aspect ratio of your clips, each have their own Resolution, Aspect ratio, & Framerate, and each of those attributes may be altered during editing.
  3. Export settings – will take the composited project and attempt to apply the Resolution, Aspect Ratio, and Framerate that you set here; in a lot of cases, you’ll want this to be set the same as the Video Mode.

By default, Video Mode is set to Automatic, and for each project will take on the characteristics of the first source file that you add. If you have both 16x9 and 9x16 clips (original and rotated versions of your clip) and you really want to go 1920x1920 you’ll need to choose “Video Mode->Custom->Add…” in the Settings menu. (Personally, if I expected the resulting video to be viewed on a computer I would choose 16x9 1920x1080 and force the 1080x1920 clip to shrink, and if I expected the video to be viewed on a phone I’d leave the original orientation and let people rotate their phones.)

Once you have the Video Mode set, I suspect that you will find filters work the way you expect them to again.

Sorry I haven’t been on in a while to reply. Thank you! That was exactly what I needed to know.