How to Change Export Settings with Multiple Videos of Differing Resolution


New to Shotcut. In my session I have multiple videos that are at different resolutions. I noticed that in the preview pane as I was lining up tracks, I think it made my larger video shrink down to fit the size of the smaller video, probably because I put the smaller one in first. Is there a way to change this so that all things in the preview pane are relative to the largest video I have? I tried to change export settings but it doesn’t seem to change anything with regard to the preview pane.

Thank you

Prior to importing your videos, have you tried first setting your new project Video mode to [for example] 1080p?


You can also adjust the smaller resolution clips using the Rotate filter’s ‘Scale’ control if necessary.

Ah video mode seems to do the trick . Just changing it to the 1080p version did what i wanted. Thank you.