How to change a vertical video

I shot a video that I intended to be landscape orientation (horizontal) but my phone made it vertical. I figured out how to rotate the video in shotcut, but now I see the image right side up in a vertical frame, with the sides cropped off and black rectangles above and below. Any suggestions?

Seems to work just fine here*. Just rotate 90% then size to fill the frame.

Or (I’ll assume you are using Windows as you haven’t said) use Windows Movie Maker

Or ►

*You might need to change video mode to a horizontal setting before importing the vert video.

Use a non-Automatic Video Mode in Settings to force the canvas/project to landscape. Then, add the clip and Rotate filter.

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Thank you for your help. I tried the other suggestion first and it worked.

Thanks so much, this worked for me!

And this one: