How to center html scrolling text?

Hi! I’m fairly new to shotcut but I think i have figured most of what I need out on my own, I have created scrolling credits for the video I am editing and they scroll, my problem is that while I managed to make the text centered relative to itself, it’s actually scrolling up the screen to the left (still centered wrt itself, but the whole shebang is on the left side instead of centered in the screen.)

Is there something I can change/edit that will make it scroll up the middle of my video instead of the left side?

Thanks in advance! <3

In the HTML editor, select the text, use the increase/decrease indent buttons to center the text.


oh!!! thank you so much!

By the way: how can I change the font-types in this screen?


@sauron, I don’t have this menu-bar File/Edit/Format!:astonished:

That seems impossible! Is it due to some option in the view menu of the main window?
Or is the top of the window off screen?
You do realize you need to click Edit in the filter UI to Open this window?

I work with two monitors.
On display 1 is the SC-main window.
On display 0 is my preview.
If I open the HTML-editor it opens on display 1 in fullscreen and shows:

When I work only with display 0 and no external display, then the HTML-Eidtor opens windowed on display 0 with the menu-bar.

Either when I use external display 0 or 1 my HTML-Editor always shows in fullscreen without the menu-bar.
Editing HTML with the preview in the center of the program works, but is very uncomfortable without an external display set! :frowning:


Ok I understand. The editor tries to size itself to the same dimension as the video preview region to make it look similar to the preview as possible. I will see if I can do something about this.

This is fixed for the next version 19.12

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Yes, that works, but it is only a work-around, like my line of spaces.

I’ve tried the css width: command, hoping that I could set the width of the html page to the same as my video (1280), but although the resulting html renders correctly in a browser, I can’t get it to render correctly in ShotCut. I’ll keep playing and see if I can spot any errors I’ve made, or improve the result some other way. We need somebody with a good handle on css and html, and possibly also an understanding of the javascript that precedes the html I quoted in my original post…

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